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Lorene Kamalu for Kaysville Mayor

City Issues

Dear Kaysville friends and business owners,

I am running for mayor to provide leadership and support for issues that are concerning citizens. For the past four years, it has been my privilege to visit people, properties, businesses and schools to aid and assist as a planning commissioner appointed by the mayor. Additionally, my family has called Kaysville home for 21 years.  Here is my vision for Kaysville:

  1. Advocate for citizens and our city's road system.  Get the bridge on 200 North flowing again; I will focus on the need to open up new lanes for cars and east-west “connections” for people on foot and bikes.
  2. Make safer walking routes for Snow Horse Elementary and Centennial Junior High.  I will address the concerns I heard for two years while attending CJH Community Council meetings as well as other Kaysville school safety issues.
  3. Implement the Active Transportation Plan, which maps out needed safety improvements for pedestrians and people on bikes.  I served on the Kaysville-Farmington committee which worked for many months and received citizen input and broad support.
  4. Improve council meetings using rules of order.  I have led meetings much of my adult life in the business world and before that as a student leader.  Longer meetings typically do not equal efficient, effective meetings. 
  5. Increase the mayor’s communication and collaboration with citizens using office hours, a public service phone line, and visits with people on site.  My master’s research project includes a citizen survey:  “How do Kaysville Citizens Prefer to Receive Municipal Information?”
  6. Partner with the Healthy Kaysville leaders, the medical community, and first responders to combat suicide/mental illness in our community.
  7. Carefully scrutinize the annual city budget with best practices of public administration.
  8. Update the city’s emergency preparedness procedures for wind, water, and other disruptions.
  9. Boost our local business support and economic development efforts for meaningful employment, city revenue, and the success of our entrepreneurs.
  10. Collaborate with UDOT, city staff, and citizens to preserve residential character along Hwy 89 and West Davis Corridor; make the I-15 ramps attractive and sustainable, creating the image and functionality our city deserves. 

Please share with me all of your feedback & ideas for Kaysville.  Elections are expensive and I need your help getting the word out. Any amount helps.  In addition to financial support, your VOTE, volunteer service, and positive word of mouth is valuable to me.

Filing date:  June 1     Primary election:  Aug 15     General election:  Nov 7