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Lorene Kamalu for Kaysville Mayor

Prepared to Serve

When citizens visit with Lorene, conversations often end with the resident saying she's earned their vote. They sense that she listens, researches all perspectives, and collaborates with everyone involved.

Citizens need people they trust to serve as city leaders. Lorene brings people together and engages all kinds of neighbors. She works with citizens and business owners who live, drive, walk and become experienced in their area.

Because Lorene desires to be the best possible public servant, she pursued a master's degree in public administration. Public policy analysis, human resource management, nonprofits, governance and the economy, law, The United States Constitution, budget & finance, and economic development courses inform her of considerations and best practices to help Davis County.

Since January, 2014 Lorene has attended the following to learn and research for Davis County:  

  • Utah Farm Bureau
  • Utah State Association of Parliamentarians Institute for Better Meetings
  • Davis County Citizen's Police Academy;
  • American Planner's Association Conference
  • Envision Utah fair;
  • UTA Public Transit Academy;
  • Mobile Active Transportation tour of Park City;
  • Complete Streets presentation by Wasatch Front Regional Council;
  • Watershed tour by Weber Basin Conservancy;
  • UAMPS annual conference for power companies;
  • Utah League of Cities & Towns conferences;
  • Real Women Run;  
  • Women's Leadership Institute;
  • League of Women Voters;
  • Congressman Stewart's National Security Conference;
  • and Lorene served as a member and co-author of the steering committee for collaboration between Kaysville and Farmington to make walking and biking more safe and inviting in our communities, which also impacts quality of life, traffic and economic development.  

Lorene works hard for the citizens she represents. She currently uses her MPA to research Davis County issues.  Her master's research paper is "Citizen Engagement in the 21st Century"  and includes a survey. Lorene studied roads in the summer of 2016 and prepared a case study, a policy memo, and a stakeholder analysis on the issue of road maintenance which is a state and national issue.

In her fifth year of public service, Lorene knows that active citizens are the heart of every community and Davis County has many good citizens. Few attend the public hearings to speak up and listen to deliberation, but many have opinions and all input is valuable. It is easy to criticize; better to collaborate and contribute. Lorene will engage citizens and business owners to learn their ideas, questions, concerns, and feedback.

As a planning commissioner, Lorene worked with stakeholders to begin monthly Kaysville Business Support Meetings in April, 2016 with over 100 businesses attending so far. People enjoy living close to work; it will be important to increase meaningful employment in Davis County.

Support of local business is important for many reasons. We need the services, the sales tax generates city income, and many owners are our neighbors. Local businesses tend to give to the community; owners spend their income in the community as well.

Lorene continues to listen, serve, and work for the great people of HAFB and Davis County.