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Lorene Kamalu for Kaysville Mayor


LOUENDA DOWNS, Former Davis County Commissioner: "Lorene Kamalu would be the most awesome commissioner! She is bright, well-read, level-headed, articulate, well-versed in politics, as well as possessing incredible people skills. The county could use her. Lorene's values are intact and she is a wise woman with integrity." 

WILF SOMMERKORN, Director, Salt Lake County Regional Planning & Transportation: "I've been a professional urban planner for many years and have done many conference presentations, where I've met and gotten to know Lorene well.  Lorene attends these conferences as a Kaysville City planning commissioner to improve her knowledge about community planning.
As a 30-year resident of Kaysville, I believe Lorene will make a great leader. We need someone with experience in planning and business who will work well with citizens and with officials from around the county and the state. I fully endorse her."

AREESH AHMED, President of Kaysville's business "SHOETA":  "Lorene is a genuine person who has immense positive energy that you will sense even the first time you meet her. She has helped Shoeta with public relations, team building, and business planning.  Lorene can solve complex problems using her business experience, analytical mind, and exceptional people skills. I think her skills will translate perfectly."

KRISTI FRODSHAM, Retired Director of Elementary Schools, Davis County:  "I know Lorene well as her next-door neighbor.  She is a bright, independent thinker who takes the time to research and gather information before trying to influence others or making a decision.  She is a happy, grateful person who truly sees holding office as a way to serve and give back.   She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and sees challenges from broken sprinklers to training puppies to getting her MPA to scaling Half Dome to running a campaign, as opportunities to learn.   Lorene is one of the most principled and goal-oriented people I have ever met.  Like Lorene, I love our community.  It matters to me that it is lead by someone who has great leadership skills and common sense.  My next door neighbor is all these things and more!"

CHAD SMITH, Citizen:  "I had never given much thought as to what makes a community great until I experienced working with Lorene and the Planning Commission. The commission meets regularly to review and vote on very important decisions involving our community. It is vital that our commissioners study and consider these decisions from multiple perspectives in order to make the best decisions. I found that Lorene does this and that she cares about her role and the citizens she serves. Iā€™m grateful that she gives so much of her free time to public service and really considers and does her homework before making important decisions that can affect all of us."

LAUREE WHITTAKER SUNDAHL:  "Lorene Kamalu understands that economic development in communities is an important part of tax revenues. In her recent role as a planning commissioner, she has consulted with a wide range of businesses to improve their operations. Lorene understands business and its impact on the future growth of Davis County."

BROK THAYNE, Chair, Kaysville Power Commission:  "As Chair of Kaysville's newest commission, I endorse Lorene Kamalu for county commissioner. She has taken the time to understand how power and alternative energy sources work, to help make good decisions for citizens, and to promote the future of Davis County."

ANDREA RICHARDS, friend: "Lorene Kamalu = boundless energy, enthusiasm and optimism.  Lorene knows how to research and reach out.  Most importantly Lorene knows that every decision, in business or government, impacts people and that those people should be listened to, considered, and valued."

Dr. GREG FERGUSON: "I have become well acquainted with Lorene over the past year. She has been a part of the effort I and many other residents have undertaken to influence and improve upon UDOT's freeway plan for US-89. Her interest and encouragement to stay involved have been most helpful.

Lorene has the knowledge and experience that make her highly qualified to serve as our commissioner. She is full of ideas and has the drive to get things done. Just as important, she understands and respects the balance that should be maintained between the community and individual needs and desires. Her work as a member of the Kaysville Planning Commission, making determinations about whether or not to rezone residential property for commercial development, has demonstrated a great concern over maintaining that balance.

I fully endorse Lorene to serve as commissioner. She understands that Davis County is a great place to live because of the people who live here. She will serve us well."

SANDY SEKULICH, friend:  "Lorene and I could not be more different yet she agreed to open her heart and mind and accompany me to a panel discussion on a rather controversial topic. I have always had the utmost admiration for Lorene but it was solidified by her graciousness and willingness to seek to understand. Her passion, compassion and resolve lead me to believe that she would serve Davis County well as our commissioner."

SHERRELL HEALEY, neighbor:  "Our family has known Lorene and her family for many years.  I've watched her interact with her children and I believe, that besides unconditional love, the legacy she gives them includes diligence, dedication, integrity, and loyalty.  I remember when she was busily involved with her home business and how comfortable she appeared as she kindly helped and taught large groups of mostly women.  She had a ready smile and encouraged each of us, patiently answering each question no matter how elementary and no matter how many times she had already answered the same question.  I've never seen her angry but always has a kind word for others.  I see Lorene as a woman of great faith who has an attitude of service."